Affiliated Companies

Siena is a family of professional services that includes Siena Investments™, Siena Accounting™, CPA, PLLC and Hicks, Millbrook & Cwayna, PLLC.

Siena’s CPA team is an integrated part of the overall Siena wealth management team. Working with Siena, you can be assured that we will provide practical tax and business advice that takes all factors, not just tax, into consideration.


Siena Investments™

Siena Investments™' wealth advisors develop individually designed, long-term strategies for your entire financial, tax, estate and business matters.

We believe in data and statistical methods in our approach to managing assets as there is no substitute for smart and efficient decision-making — whether it applies to investments, estate planning or taxes.

All of our services are fee-only. We do not earn commissions or bury our fees in complex transactions. Instead, we provide an open and reliable approach to managing your future success.


Hicks, Millbrook & Cwayna, PLLC

Hicks, Millbrook & Cwayna, PLLC provides services in estate planning, probate and trust administration along with corporate and real estate law.

The firm especially enjoys assisting families and seniors regarding their particular needs in estate and financial planning, personal and real estate matters, as well as working with small businesses, corporations and agricultural clients.

The firm’s success is based on being creative problem solvers, attentive and concerned listeners, and it’s valuable clients and friends.